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Medical cannabis is normalizing quickly across the country, and consumers have many questions regarding how to use cannabis and hemp products effectively. 


We support healthcare providers and help patients answer those questions.


New Maine regulations enable physicians to recommend medical marijuana for any condition, but patients still need a certificate from their doctor to purchase medicinal cannabis legally. 



Who we are

Established in 2011, Canuvo is a state licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary located in Biddeford, Maine (across from the hospital). 



What we do

Producing high-quality medicine and providing patient care are our top priorities. All of our products are third-party tested for safety and accuracy, and we offer private rooms for one-on-one consultations and education.



How we help

Canuvo's open-door policy with healthcare providers lets you see firsthand how patients make informed decisions about cannabis and their health concerns.


We created the Cannabis Adult Education program to provide medicinal cannabis information and guidance to patients, doctors, and the entire community.



See our COURSES page for our current FREE Biddeford classes



Let Canuvo come to you! We'll schedule a session at your office, support group, or other convenient location for you and your patients. 


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